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KMW Properties has commercial locations throughout the area that can fullfill your need for office or retail space.

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KMW Properties offers competitive rates on storage units in the Fort Smith Area

Who is KMW?

KMW Properties evolution began when Jim Hanna and Hanna Oil & Gas Company bought their first property on 6th and Parker Street (downtown Fort Smith) in 1980, now known as the KMW Building.  The letters K.M.W. signify Jim’s three children- Kim, Mike, and William.

Our first tenant, Hanna Oil & Gas Company, remains a tenant to this day.  They have however moved Headquarters next door to what is now known as the Hanna Building.  Subsequently, KMW Properties bought land on Phoenix Avenue (Fort Smith) to serve as a pipe yard for the Hanna Company and later another pipe yard in Ratcliff, Arkansas which is still in operation today.  When the land on Phoenix Avenue became too valuable for a pipe yard, KMW Properties bought another property on Rye Hill which we still own today.  The land on Phoenix Avenue has become the home to Academy Sports and Home Depot where KMW Properties serves as the Landlord and maintains a ground lease, respectively. These initial properties served our needs as our Oil/Gas operation grew.  Our strategy with real estate was never to sell, but re-use and re-purpose to fit others who could become our tenants.

Over the years we have continued to purchase commercial real estate in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  We are active investors in multi-family projects in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  We have also bought properties in Van Buren, Arkansas speculating economic viability in the not too distant future.  We also purchased the former Shipley Baking Company property which is a short walk from the Hanna building.  Our vision includes retail, restaurant and potentially a Micro-Brewery in the old bakery building.

KMW Properties has also bought undeveloped land adjacent to new developments in Fort Chaffee (located east of Fort Smith).  Our newest real estate venture will be in Killeen, Texas where we will participate in the construction of a multi-family project.  Our futures plans include investments in other multi-family projects across the Texas area.

Over time our company although driven by the needs to house our oil/gas operations is now self-sufficient and we are poised to expand our holdings in other states and certainly in our hometown.  It is our belief that given enough time, energy and determination we can build a portfolio of properties that can extend to our next generations of entrepreneurs and beyond.